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My Love of Remodeling

Hello I'm Risa Lee. When my husband and I bought our first home, it was with the intention of doing some major remodeling. We liked the basic floor plan, and it was cheap, but other than that, nothing was right about the house. It took us a while to get started because neither of us had the time or the knowledge. Finally, there was a summer when he had a three-week vacation. Instead of going on a trip, we used our time and money to finally get started on our remodel. To our surprise, we both fell in love with amateur construction! We have since bought and remodeled a few other homes because we love it so much. We're in no way professionals, but please feel free to join in our love and experience in basic construction. Maybe you will learn something!


How To Design A Mexican Patio

Are you moving into a brand new home, or are you decorating your existing patio with a Mexican theme? Either way, here are some ideas that might help you create something unique and attractive for you to enjoy with your friends and family.

The Flooring - For a truly unique atmosphere, consider a rustic look for your patio floor.

  • Saltillo tile in earth tones would be really attractive. If you want something more dramatic, think about purchasing Talavera tile which has intricate patterns in the design.
  • Another idea is to select flagstone. Planting ground cover between the stones will add color to the floor and will visually connect the patio to the backyard.
  • For something really unique, think about using faux painted concrete. Gifted artisans can give it the look of rustic wooden floors, brick, tile or almost anything else that your mind can envision.
  • Tile, flagstone and concrete are all affordable and will last for a very long time. In addition, they're all very easy to care for. Simply sweep them and go over them with a slightly damp mop. If they need extra attention, wash them off with your garden hose and they'll look beautiful. 

The Decor - Here are some ideas that will go with the traditional rustic Mexican theme you have selected.

  • For your furniture, consider black wrought iron or wood that has been especially treated for outdoor use. 
  • Consider enhancing the patio area with an outdoor fountain. The addition of Mexican pottery or clay decorative birds would be a charming touch.
  • Think about buying Mexican clay pots in different sizes and styles and filling them with different types of plants. Bougainvellia, geraniums, zinnias, ferns and succulents are just a few of the plants that will keep with the Mexican theme you have chosen.
  • Don't worry about water from the pots damaging your floors. If you have chosen tile, flagstone or concrete, it will withstand water easily.

As you purchase decorative objects for your patio, consider selecting hanging planters and decorative birdhouses for the walls. Large metal birdhouses holding artificial parrots and other colorful birds will give the patio an authentic look, too. Adding a couple of hammocks from Yucatan will not only be a great place to relax on your patio, but they will add a unique festive touch to the area. Tile coasters and brass or wrought iron candelabra for the table tops would also add to the Mexican theme. Contact a paving contractor like one from Fayetteville Contractors Inc to get started.