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Hello I'm Risa Lee. When my husband and I bought our first home, it was with the intention of doing some major remodeling. We liked the basic floor plan, and it was cheap, but other than that, nothing was right about the house. It took us a while to get started because neither of us had the time or the knowledge. Finally, there was a summer when he had a three-week vacation. Instead of going on a trip, we used our time and money to finally get started on our remodel. To our surprise, we both fell in love with amateur construction! We have since bought and remodeled a few other homes because we love it so much. We're in no way professionals, but please feel free to join in our love and experience in basic construction. Maybe you will learn something!


DIY Windshield Replacement Kits Aren't Always The Best Solution

The Internet has made way for a generation of DIYers. While this practice can sometimes be a great way to save money, a cost savings isn't always worth it. This is especially the case when it comes to repairing a crack in your windshield. Even with a thorough video tutorial as your guide, there are a number of things that can go wrong during the repair process when you try to complete it on your own.

Crack Identification

Although it might look like a simple crack to you, windshield damage can come in many different forms. Combination breaks and star breaks are two common types. Identifying the type of crack in the glass allows you to determine which repair method is necessary and it helps determine the likelihood of further damage to the glass.

This type of skill isn't one that can be learned overnight; it takes experience. Without knowing exactly what type of repairs are necessary, you could just be wasting your time. Having a professional repair your glass ensures the best, long-term solution is being applied.

Pressure Gauging

Repairing a cracked windshield requires an alternating cycle between a vacuuming action and applying pressure. This is a very important part of preventing greater damage to the glass since the presence of a crack automatically places it in a fragile state.

Applying slightly more pressure than is necessary can prove to be catastrophic and quickly make a small crack a huge crack that spans across the entire windshield. In this type of scenario, what was once a simple repair turns into a full blown replacement. Similar to crack identification, it takes skill to know exactly how much pressure to apply and when to apply it.

Resin Quality

There are a number of over-the-counter windshield repair kits that contain resin coating for your glass. Resin is injected into the damaged area to fill the space and create a seal of protection. Don't make the mistake of assuming the resin in these kits are made with the same quality as those only available to professionals.

Professional resin products are going to be more durable and stronger, meaning they will last longer. If you use a low-quality resin to repair your glass, you will likely be faced with damaged glass in the very near future.

When it comes to windshield repair, you're looking for longevity and safety. Don't put these two factors at risk by trying to repair your glass on your own. Let a professional assist you.

For more information, talk with the professionals at a windshield repair shop or visit websites like