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My Love of Remodeling

Hello I'm Risa Lee. When my husband and I bought our first home, it was with the intention of doing some major remodeling. We liked the basic floor plan, and it was cheap, but other than that, nothing was right about the house. It took us a while to get started because neither of us had the time or the knowledge. Finally, there was a summer when he had a three-week vacation. Instead of going on a trip, we used our time and money to finally get started on our remodel. To our surprise, we both fell in love with amateur construction! We have since bought and remodeled a few other homes because we love it so much. We're in no way professionals, but please feel free to join in our love and experience in basic construction. Maybe you will learn something!


How To Make Virtual Real Estate Tours Stand Out

Virtual real estate tours are almost the new essential when it comes to selling a home or development. Even though they were once considered posh perks or tech-savvy standout practices, they're very much the norm now. So if you want to make your virtual tour rise above all the others, you need to punch it up. How can you put your web-based tour way ahead of the rest of the pack?

Go for the Details

Think about the amount of time spent on the accents and the seemingly small parts of the listing. Not only are those brand new cabinets fabulous, but those handles and pulls are equally as amazing. Show them off too. Yes, of course you want to hit the major points but you also want to show potential buyers what they're truly getting: a home that's more than just nice. However, this doesn't only apply to cabinetry. Highlight other details, such as bath fixtures or molding, that make the home stand out.

Tour the Outside

The property is much more than just the building. The yard and any outdoor spaces (along with structures, garages, driveways/walkways, pools or other water features) should be part of the virtual tour. Potential buyers need to know about more than just the interior. Showing the exterior (including paint and other finishes) along with the rest of the property may make the difference between interesting a client and having them question what they might be getting.

Make It Flow

A floor plan that flows can help sell the house. Avoid chopping up or over-editing the virtual real estate tours. The tour needs to move from space to space in a seamless fashion. It should flow naturally and make the potential buyer feel as if they are really walking through the area. With flow comes a way to showcase the home's floor plan. This gives viewers a better idea of how the house is laid out.

Include An Interactive Element

Okay, so it's not always possible to communicate with the client on one of these tours. In some cases you may be using a real-time video call type of technology to show the home without any delay. But, other times you may need to create a video that you will show over and over again to different buyers. Narrate parts of the video or use graphics and text to highlight parts of the interior and exterior.

Using virtual real estate tours to sell homes and other pieces of property gives you the chance to show off everything from the teeny tiny details to the entire exterior. Making the video interactive and creating a natural flow of movement can up your chances of grabbing the buyer's attention and getting a sale. Check out Virtual Image and Animation to get started!