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My Love of Remodeling

Hello I'm Risa Lee. When my husband and I bought our first home, it was with the intention of doing some major remodeling. We liked the basic floor plan, and it was cheap, but other than that, nothing was right about the house. It took us a while to get started because neither of us had the time or the knowledge. Finally, there was a summer when he had a three-week vacation. Instead of going on a trip, we used our time and money to finally get started on our remodel. To our surprise, we both fell in love with amateur construction! We have since bought and remodeled a few other homes because we love it so much. We're in no way professionals, but please feel free to join in our love and experience in basic construction. Maybe you will learn something!


3 Important Facts To Know About Tree Pruning

When you have lots of trees on your property, you need to make sure that you understand how to take care of your trees. Taking care of your trees will help you keep your property looking nice and will help increase the curb appeal of your home.  

Important Fact #1: Your Trees Only Need Pruning Once a Year 

First, it is important to understand that your trees don't need to be trimmed multiple times throughout the year. Your trees only need to be pruned once a year; outside of necessary emergency trimming because of a damaged branch, you really shouldn't be pruning your trees throughout the year. You should trim your trees once a year during the dormant period. The dormant period lasts from late fall through the very early spring.  

Important Fact #2: Damaged Limbs Should Be Taken Care of Right Away 

Second, if a limb is damaged, that is the one exception to the once-a-year pruning rule. For example, if a limb cracks, you need to cut it right away. You are going to want to carefully cut the damaged limbs so that there is a nice, clean cut that can properly heal. A damaged limb can lead to greater damage to your tree, which is why you want to take care of it right away.  

Important Fact #3: Know What You Can Prune 

Third, you need to make sure that you know what tree branches you can prune. For example, if a tree branch is less than two inches in diameter, you should be able to easily prune the tree using some cutting shears. If the branch is between two to four inches in diameter, proceed with caution. If the branches that you need to prune are more than four inches in diameter, it is best to call in a professional to prune those branches. Large branches require extra caution to prune. 

Additionally, you should call in a professional to help with the pruning process if you have really large trees. If you need to stand on a ladder in order to trim your trees, you may want to leave the job up to the professionals.  

When it comes to pruning your trees, you should only trim your trees once when the trees are in their dormant period. If you see a damaged limb, you should take care of it right away. Finally, know what branches are safe for you to prune, and when you should call in a professional tree and shrub care service to trim the trees.