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My Love of Remodeling

Hello I'm Risa Lee. When my husband and I bought our first home, it was with the intention of doing some major remodeling. We liked the basic floor plan, and it was cheap, but other than that, nothing was right about the house. It took us a while to get started because neither of us had the time or the knowledge. Finally, there was a summer when he had a three-week vacation. Instead of going on a trip, we used our time and money to finally get started on our remodel. To our surprise, we both fell in love with amateur construction! We have since bought and remodeled a few other homes because we love it so much. We're in no way professionals, but please feel free to join in our love and experience in basic construction. Maybe you will learn something!


Guide To Boiler Kettling

Kettling is an odd word that describes a common boiler problem. Knowing what it is, how to spot it, and what to do is important if you want to avoid damages and expensive repairs. Symptoms The most obvious symptom of a kettling issue is a deep rumbling sound from the boiler itself. The name kettling is apt because your boiler really will sound like a giant kettle that is about to burst or boil over. Read More 

Insight About Soil Excavation Safety For A Successful Project

Excavation around your home is necessary when you need to complete repairs or work to your home's foundation, replace or repair a sewer line, or you need to install new irrigation or electrical lines through your yard. However, excavation can be completed on your own in some cases but other projects are best handled by a professional excavation crew to ensure safety and success. Here are some tips to help you successfully excavate soil from around your home and property safely and efficiently. Read More 

Water Well Pump Won’y Turn On? 2 Troubleshooting Tips

If your water well pump has turned off and you cannot turn it back on, this can be due to many things. Some things you can fix on your own while others you will need to contact a water well pump repair service to do this for you. To help you get started, keep reading to learn two troubleshooting tips. Check the Pressure Switch One problem could be something very simple that you can easily fix on your own in a few seconds. Read More 

How To Know You’re In Need Of Pool Repair Services

If you have a pool and want to make sure that you are always going to be able to enjoy it as much as possible, you will want to learn about the signs that indicate that it is time to call for pool repair services. Should you notice any of the following issues starting to arise, you will want to call for professional repair help: You Are Losing Water Out Of The Pool Read More 

Trouble With Doors: When You Might Need To Get Them Repaired

The doors throughout your home go through a lot. Those who live inside the house are likely to open and close these doors several times each day, which can lead to plenty of wear and tear over the years. If you are noticing that several of the doors in the home are not opening or closing without causing you trouble or making loud noises, you probably need to have some repairs done. Read More